boring stories of glory days


Session : The Missing Years - 2010

Well something must of happened this year. Rock Band, we had a few good sessions. Pics will turn up somewhere I'm sure...

Session : The Missing Years - 2009

Our numbers had dwindled. Sessions were sporadic at best; a...

Session : The Missing Years - 2008

While I'm pretty sure we must of had at least one meet up this year, I can't recall when or where. It is possible that the PacMen skipped this year altogether. And why not? 360 on Live was in full swing...

Session : The Missing Years - 2007

Session : The Missing Years - 2006

December 22nd - 24th 2005 - PacMen Xmas Session!

It all started early on Thursday Dec 22nd. I...

December 3rd 2005 - XBox 360 Launch Session!

November 14th 2005 - the One with no power!

October 22nd 2005 - Arcade Fever Session!


September 10th 2005 - Carl's Stag Party

Not actually a Pac-Men session, but there was...