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February 1st - 2nd 2013 : Day Two

Day Two....

As you'd expect, the morning went by as people slowly rolled in. Bunch of old farts, struggling to get going after "partying" (ahem) the night before. Finally, with everyone around (except Chris who rarely makes the Saturdays),...

February 1st - 2nd 2013 : Day One



Best laid plans of mice and men and all that, it was somewhat inevitable that things were going to go...

November 9th 2012 - GameCube Loving

May 18th - 19th 2012 - The Gaming Double

January 14th 2012 - Post Xmas Band Jam

October 8th 2011 - Supersizing

June 2011 - Rock Band Extravaganza!

Session : The Missing Years - 2010

Well something must of happened this year. Rock Band, we had a few good sessions. Pics will turn up somewhere I'm sure...

Session : The Missing Years - 2009

Our numbers had dwindled. Sessions were sporadic at best...

Session : The Missing Years - 2008

While I'm pretty sure we must of had at least one meet up this year, I can't recall when or where. It is possible that the PacMen skipped this year altogether. And why not? 360 on Live was in full swing...