X-Wing. Probably the best board game in the world

Sep 25th - 26th 2015 : No Video Games At All

Sorry about that photo. I always lament that we never get a group shot when we meet up. The solution? Well, I should have known better than to ask Carl to sort it out. The guy is Mr. Cheese.  Usually this would be the campest photo taken all weekend, but shortly after this, Phil put this thing on Facebook. It has literally nothing to do with the session, but shit like, this needs to be saved for posterity. When people asked when the Fall Of The Western Civilisation begun, it can all be traced back to this photo.

I have no idea either. Going for a sultry look? Or supressing a fart? I just can't tell. The soft-porn in-camera post effect slammed on top to make you "look younger". Putting it on Facebook in a non-ironic way? Phil, I've known you over 30 years, this is by far the worst thing you've ever done, and that's saying something.

Nothing to do with the session, but I can't let shit go by without commenting, can I?

Back to the weekend....

It was our first big get together in nearly a year due to various shit coming along and kicking me repeatedly in the bollocks throughout the year - 2015 is going down as my worst year ever. We'd cancelled planned sessions in Jan and March and never picked another date. Someone was always working, someone was never allowed out, half the guys were menstruating at any given point in time. It just wasn't happening.

John took charge to get us all together. This meant of course no fancy dress, which is a shame given the costume treat Carl has in store for us all at the next Rock Band, but it did mean a more relaxing time. Somehow, John had managed to get everyone to commit. This is a huge feat.

No video games! That was different. I didn't fancy lugging kit around, spending most of the time setting the shit up. Will has Helldivers ready for us to play, and I'm sure we'll get round to that even if we stay online, but time concerns meant we'd stick to boardgames.

Chris and I met early, saw a film, grabbed some Nandos, then on to the factory for pizza. John's gone all veggie on us, so insisted on some meat-less pizza alongside the meatfeasts. You can guess what pizza had slices left afterwards....

As has been tradition for the last few sessions, Friday was Zombicide.

We lost.

I didn't really want to play Zombicide. I don't think it works with our group due to the dynamics, and I don't think it's that good a game. It's fine to play yourself, but for co-op, it invariably leads to one permission having to call the shots for the team, else you're all fucked. As Phil said, "Just move me wherever Matt wants me to go." Which is kinda sad.

But then I look at his photo.

Look at him? Would you want this man leading the fight back in a zombie apocalypse? What's he going to do, camp them to death?

Once we'd given up on that, Will and John soon left, leaving Phil (who at this stage did not look like that manipulated leering photo, the Botox injections were schedule for the Saturday), Carl, Chris and I. We sat around to reminisce old novelties, and hatched a devious plan. I can't say too much about the Devious Plan in public, but let's just say Congratulations to Andi and Frasier.

With everyone gone, I wrote my usual stream-of-consciousness mumbo-jumbo to give Will some PC advice, and eventually got to sleep....

....for a few hours, until some workmen woke me at 6am. Arghhhh.

Saturday was planned to be a brief day. John arrived in the morning and we setup Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures.

I'd played this once before with Will and John at the cinema earlier in the year. I had been fighting John's advances to buy the game; I can see it being a collectable nightmare, the minis are fucking amazing, the game is good fun, and it's sodding Star Wars.

Little Star Wars mini figures of sexiness. Must resist.

Carl appeared shortly and was happy enough to snap these photos and shoot the shit.


Just look at them, they're awesome!

John, being a bit of an evil bastard, favoured the Imperials with some Tie Fighters and variations, and Slave One; myself being a nostalgiac Goody, went traditional with Luke and Biggs in XWing, Han and Chewie in the Falcon.

The Good Guys won.

I really do like this game, and it's fucking Star Wars so that's a huge plus.

And John is getting me the Force Awakens core set for Xmas, so I expect trouble ahead with these minis. They're so fucking sexy.

Unlike this.

Lunch in the local town centre, and then we were done. I wish we'd got another Star Wars game in, and Will came loaded with a whole load of ships he has just picked himself up. Next time. Actually, next time I want a solid day of Star Wars.

The only real negative was dropping Will off, I left my sunglasses on the roof of the car. By the time I heard them slide off, it was too late. They were shattered in the road. Will, you owe me some sunglasses!

Other than that, it was great to see everyone. The mood was relatively light, everyone had a laugh, no one exposed themselves, and I got all sentimental. Now we just need to get back to meeting up every few months.

And working out a better way of taking a group shot.