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Nov 21st - 22nd 2014 : The One With Towerfall

A mere 2 months after the previous get together? This can't be right.

The stars aligned, and other than Phil, everyone was there. Roll call.

Carl - clearly glad to be with his friends.


A Session isn't a Session without John's obligatory gurn.


Here and somewhat awake, sporting the latest in Old Man Cardigans, is Chris.


Is he awake or isn't he? It must be Will.


And this handsome fucker.


Friday was to be Zombicide. I'd just about managed to get the figures painted, the zombies in a Black & White old movie style, the only colour being dripping red blood. I did give the Runners an orange top.




I'll get around to replacing the bases for the next session.

We started off with a nice pub meal (thanks Carl!), the obligatory trip to Asda to pick up alcohol, Pepsi Max, and loads of shit food. Then it was time to game.



I'm still in two minds regarding Zombicide. I like the number of zombies you face, the relentless nature. I don't like some of the rules, but we overrule the daft ones as enjoy the game more for it. In this game, we merely had to collect the tokens spread around the map to win, but that felt stupid, so we added an exit (where we came in) and had to get all of them to that location; a token would take a slot in the player's inventory. We added a couple of cars to balance things out, as these rules would make the game harder, and we'd never tried vehicles before.


I played as Wanda, basically Roller Girl, and spent much of the first half of the game just driving through zombies, keep the hordes down and allowing me to quickly level up, getting skills to match her skating speed. She got even better once I "borrowed" the chainsaw off Carl Smile There's nothing quite like a roller skating chainsaw wielding zombie hating waitress.

While I was driving, it was going well, but a switch was made and things started to take a bad turn. By now, we had start pulling the dreaded "Walkers / Runners get another turn" cards from the zombie spawn deck. These are deadly. People died.



Two survivors down, we played the "You found a new Survivor" houserule, spawning the last hero at the Exit to give us a hand.

The numbers of zombies kept increasing while the number of players dwindled, because as usual a 90 minute planned boardgame goes on for about 5 hours.


Fatties are a pain.


As we were going for the final token, it looked like I had a clear run and we were one move away from victory. Then disaster as we pull another Zombies Turn Again card and I'm insta-killed by the 15 or so zombies stoof in the same area as me. Those cards are nasty.


A quick strategy change and the surviving Survivors were able to escape with all the tokens. In total we'd lost 3 humans. A heavy price to pay.


That was that for Friday night.

We met up again early on Saturday, and pretty much played TowerFall all day. Initally Carl, John and I; then Phil appeared, and Will got there later in the day.

TowerFall is great. Local play only, keeping it intense, fast, and bringing back memories of great local games like Worms, Monkey Ball, Mario Kart, etc. The game is fast and brutal. I've knocked together a little video of some of the rounds we played.

We had a few games of the latest PS4 version of Trials, but kept going back to TowerFall. I'm hoping it will become a firm local favourite in future, I could certainly spend a whole lot of time playing this. It's a brilliant arcade game and deserves much appreciation.

And so late afternoon, we called it a weekend and I headed home. Nice and early for once.