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Jan 2nd 2017 - Rogue One

When is a gaming session not a gaming session? Well, when no games are played, but we had the RC car out for a bit and given this may be the only time this year I see more than one mate at the same time, I'm counting it Kiss 3

Crawley iMax for Rogue One, which Carl and Will hadn't seen. We met up and had breakfast in Sainsbury's first, and had the latest catch up in the soap-opera that is Carl's life. As Carl gave Will a fiver, I realised I owed him the iMax mark-up. "Don't worry Matt, we know you never have money on you!". Mainly because I spend it on toys like the RC car. Very kind of him, I made a mental note to cover his lunch later.

Much of the day was spent calling Carl out on his hipster fucking beard and hipster fucking haircut and hipster pre-torn trousers and hipster white trainers. He was going for hipster but really, compare these group shots.

Pretty much like for like. We just need to get Will a face tattoo.

The rest of the day was simple enough. Rogue One, which I enjoyed it more this time than the first time I saw it, ignoring the egregious "bad Fan-Flick" stuff.

We then took a stroll in to Crawley town center where I convinced Carl and Will that £15.99 for a Steam Link was a bargain and worth getting.

Even though Carl doesn't have a PC.


Then we went to a local park to play with my RC Car. I'd just changed the pinion after knocking old one out of place (not out of shape, it would still work, but I fancied the 14t over the 12t to make the car faster). I span the car up and down the car park, getting Carl's white trainers dirty (the highlight of the day for me), and the pinion came off again. An hour of visiting B&Q and Halfords, and we had allen keys and red Loctite. I couldn't get the pinion grub screw on the flat section without a full dismantling, but managed to tighten it enough for Will and Carl to have a nice run-round for 10 minutes.

"Don't try and jump it over there you'll hit the trees" I said.

Carl retorted, "Don't be fucking silly it's miles away". And then jumped the car and bounced headfirst and very quickly into the tree, knocking the pinion off again.

Over to McDonalds, and I completely forgot to pay for Will because I'm bloody useless. I only realised this driving home, and thought, "Right, I'll get him Helldivers on PC when I get home".

When I got home I forgot.

When I remembered the next evening, the Steam sale had ended.

Sorry Will. I'll make it one day Drinks