why did i buy a console when i never play it?

Unreal Tournament 2004


UT2004 Stats


The History

UT2004. What a game!

This became a permanent online gaming fixture for John and I in 2005 and it was during this gaming time they cemented their friendship. Fast paced, lots of weapons and vehicles, and a good variety of gametypes made this the favourite PacMen FPS title - for 2 of the members anyway!

We stopped playing around 2006 when everyone moved on to the 360 and the "easy to use" XBox Live online gaming platform. It then saw a resurgence in 2007 where we picked up quite a few other regular players, none more prolific than TigerNuts Chris.

Like all things, it eventually died off. Until the end of 2012 when John decided he wanted to give it another go.

A week of programming later, and I'd integrated our old statistics into the newly created stats database, and what we're left with is a somewhat accurate representation of a lifetime of UT2004 goodness. If the other guys ever make a guest appearance, we'll be able to recover their old stats as well.


Why Unreal?

As opposed to Quake 3? Less hardcore, more variety. I love Quake 3, but I spent a lot of time playing it and frankly it would be no fun for any of my friends. UT2004 offered us more "fun". I can't recall exactly who had the idea to play it, I don't think I owned it beforehand. I'm glad whoever it was suggested it though.

The combat, in a single one on one scenario, is reasonably solid. It's not Quake-Solid, but it's certainly pretty bloody good. This tightness of gameplay is something modern FPS titles lack. In fact, all these modern military shooter players should go back nearly a decade and give this game a crack. It's frantic, but stick with it and after an hour you'll wonder why you ever wasted your time playing those dull games and Unreal was there waiting for you all this time.

When you open up the gametypes and play Vehicle Capture The Flag, you've a very different game. It gets pretty crazy pretty quickly, with shit flying all over the show.

Onslaught is a fine gamemode, but my favourite would have to be Assault. The intensity of some of those maps is insane, even a few friends against bots. The race against time, the choke points, all brilliant! John and I used to do Thrust, against a full team of bots, in a couple of minutes. We spent A LOT of time playing it.

Variety is really the spice of life, and Unreal Tournament 2004 offers more than anything else.