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Rock Band

Our Song List



The History

It started, ever so briefly, in 2009 with Lips, a 2 player singing game Carl pulled out of a bag one random gaming day. Within weeks I'd bought the guys an early Xmas gift comprising of Rock Band, a guitar and drum kit on the 360. It was only May. Rock Band 2 was out and I got it immediately. We were coming in at the tail end of the Plastic Instruments craze, but it was still new for us.

From there it kind of went crazy. Within 4 days of Lips I'd picked up the Chinese Democracy GnR album from the Rock Band store. Right now, The Band are sat on around 600 songs. Many of which we've not even tried.

In a few years we've gone from this:


To this:

Real midi drum kit with 360 midi interface running to the console. Pro Mode drums.


Projector, PA, and sound activated lighting.


I've got the full Rock Band Fender Squire stringed guitar, through a 360 midi interface into the console, with the guitar going through a Peavey Vypyr 75 and Sampera II pedal.

Alas all this does mean we started to take this shit far too seriously.


Why Rock Band?

Multiplayer and loads of fun. We've gone from our first sheepish Band Session where no-one wanted to sing, to fighting over the microphones (3 of them now, including "harmonies" - in the loosest possible sense of the word possible). We can cater for 7 players at once (3 singers, 2 guitars, drummer and keyboards). We've a wealth of songs (even if we do stick to the same ones every session, lol).

Has there every been a better group party game? Not for the casual non-gamer.